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Black pepper is called differently in different languages such as- Hindi: Kali Mirch; Kannad: Menasu; Marathi: Mire; Gujarati: Mari; Odia: Gol Maricha or Maricha; Tamil: Milagu.

Black Pepper is one of the most widely selling spice in India. The spice is native to South India and is grown in the Malnad region, Karnataka. The Black Pepper is also used in different cuisines for adding the flavour to the dish. The spice has a very strongly heated taste when added to the food. Black Pepper caters to many of the bodily requirements like the need for nutrients and minerals. It also improves the digestion and also the normal cold and cough. It is boiled and a beverage is prepared called “Kadha” which relieves cold and cough after some time.

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  • Black pepper is a kind of spice which is used for adding flavour to different types of dishes. Majorly rice is one of them. It has a very strong and heated spicy taste. Physically they appear to be round black coloured balls with an uneven and rough surface.
  • The spices have been cultivated in the Malnad region located in Karnataka. This place is rich, bountiful and blessed by the Mother Nature. The reason being it rains in plenty in Malnad because of which it is green, pure and moist, suitable for the growth of Black Pepper.
  • According to the Ayurvedic Doshas, Black Pepper balances or pacifies Vata and Kapha and increases Pitta.
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