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Fennel which is also known as Saunf in Hindi language is one of the most famous spice of all the other spices because of its various uses. Fennel is grown in the Malnad region in Karnataka, South India. Fennel with Mishri or sugar is used as a mouth freshner at every home and in every Restaurant or eating place. It’s served post lunch and breakfast. Saunf is also used to add flavour to the hot and some of the cold beverages or drinks especially tea which regulates the digestion power of the stomach.

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  • Fennel or saunf is a spice which has a sweet taste and is used for mouth freshening, preparing beverages, dishes, etc. Fennel is green coloured small thinly oval shaped seed. These are used with sugar for mouth freshning.
  • The spices have been cultivated in the Malnad region located in Karnataka. This place is rich, bountiful and blessed by the Mother Nature. The reason being it rains in plenty in Malnad because of which it is green, pure and moist, suitable for the growth of Saunf.
  • Fennel is named differently in different languages such as- Indian English: Sanchal; Marathi: Badisep; Malyalam: perumjeerakam; Kannada: Sompu; Bengali: Mouri; Odia: Pana Mahuri.
  • According to Ayurveda, fennel is used to decrease all the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  • Exclusive organic spices from India including Saunf (fennel), Kapok (Marathi moggu), Dhana daal (roasted coriander), Isabgol (psyllium husk), Nutmeg (Jaakai), Kalonji (Fennel flower), Star Anise, Jeera (cumin seeds), Rice, Sesame (til), Mustard (Rai or sarson) are all now available through Ikshvaku!
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