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Nutmeg is also known as Jaiphal in Hindi. This is a ball shaped seed taken from the evergreen trees that grow in the Malnad region in Karnataka, South India. And Malnad is a region blessed by the Mother Nature because it offers the suitable climate for the growth of all the other spices as well. Nutmeg has a piquant yet sweet taste which is in some or the other way reminiscent to Cinnamon. Nutmeg also enhances the taste for it is used in desserts and sweet dishes.

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  • Nutmeg is a spice which is used as a taste enhancer. The spice appears like a brown or dark brown rugby ball with an uneven surface. It has a delicious aroma similar to its taste.
  • The spices have been cultivated in the Malnad region located in Karnataka. This place is rich, bountiful and blessed by the Mother Nature. The reason being it rains in plenty in Malnad because of which it is green, pure and moist, suitable for the growth of Nutmeg.
  • Nutmeg has been provided with certain other names in different regions such as: Hindi- Jaiphal; English- Nutmeg;
  • Nutmeg pacifies Vata and Kapha and increases Pitta dosha because of its overpoweringly strong, pungent and astringent aroma which is used sparingly.
  • Exclusive organic spices from India including Saunf (fennel), Kapok (Marathi moggu), Dhana daal (roasted coriander), Isabgol (psyllium husk), Nutmeg (Jaakai), Kalonji (Fennel flower), Star Anise, Jeera (cumin seeds), Rice, Sesame (til), Mustard (Rai or sarson) are all now available through Ikshvaku!
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