Ikshvaku Rudraksha Necklace | Kantha or Sparsh Mala | Authentic Indian 54 Beads | Hand-picked

Ikshvaku beads have been invoked with mantras before being packaged. All Ikshvaku rudraksha beads are seasoned and matured before being enlaced. vina bhasm tripundrena – vina rudrakshamaalaya, bilva patram vinanaiva – pujaye chham karambudhaha. Pundits say that one of the three mandatory necessities for worship of Lord Shiva is rudraksha. Rudraksha is equated to Mother Saraswati in puja. It is said that the purity of rudrakshas protect even the evil minded ones from death.

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As long as one wears Rudraksha, there will be no untimely death for that person. Doing japa with Rudraksha gives manifold benefit of chanting without them and as such wearing them gives manifold benefit. Five-faced rudraksha not only grants five kinds of muktis but also grants life long wishes. Furthermore, it removes the sins of eating restricted foods and sins committed. Are there any fake rudrakshas? Yes, of late, there is a wood-made rudraksha-look-alike that is called Bhadraksha. How can we identify the difference between rudraksha and bhadrakhsa? Actually, there is no visible difference for the novice and only an experienced eye can catch the bhadraksha! However, the rudraksha has the quality of darkening with age, as it absorbs the body oils while bhadraksha becomes lighter or fades with age. Wear Rudraksha while bathing so the water flows from the beads and on to your body. Please note all Rudraksha beads which are less than 10 to 12 mm in size will not show differentiation in faces or mukhas. If you are looking for mukhas, you may try the Ikshvaku Rudraksha Kantha Mala or Necklace. Ikshvaku has its own on-board priest who identifies and processes the Rudraksha. You may wish to contact him if you desire. (The priest can speak only in Hindi but we can interface for your queries)

  • Origin: Indian Rudraksha from Himalayas, plucked from tree on ripening
  • Quality: Handpicked from assortment, seasoned with oils, picked for same size, enlaced in quality threading
  • Quantity: Mala length is maintained for the neck appropriately. Each bead is five-faced (panch mukhi). Each mala is made individually so each will be slightly different;
  • Benefits: Rudraksha (rosary) – Overall happiness and blissfulness, good health
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in

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