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Star Anise or Aniseed is a flower shaped spice that grows in the Malnad region in Karnataka, South India. Star Anise is very sweet and highly aromatic. It fulfils the purpose of flavouring the different cuisines, especially Pulao, i.e. a mixture of rice and certain vegetables and suitable masala. It makes the dish look royal and beautiful.

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  • Aniseed or star anise is a flavour enhancing spice. It physically looks like a sturdy rotten or wooden flower. After opening it there is a seed in every wooden petal. It tastes bitter and pungent.
  • The spices have been cultivated in the Malnad region located in Karnataka. This place is rich, bountiful and blessed by the Mother Nature. The reason being it rains in plenty in Malnad because of which it is green, pure and moist, suitable for the growth of Pulao flower Aniseed or star anise is scientifically called Illicium Verum which is an evergreen tree which produces Star Anise. The tree grows in Northeast Vietnam.
  • Star Anise is used for balancing or pacifying Vata and Kapha doshas in a human body.
  • Exclusive organic spices from India including Saunf (fennel), Kapok (Marathi moggu), Dhana daal (roasted coriander), Isabgol (psyllium husk), Nutmeg (Jaakai), Kalonji (Fennel flower), Star Anise, Jeera (cumin seeds), Rice, Sesame (til), Mustard (Rai or sarson) are all now available through Ikshvaku!
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